Don’t waste your money on anti-cellulite cream. The vast majority of women have cellulite, including very slim women. There’s not much you can do about cellulite, the only thing that really improves it is building muscle in your legs.

Also, can we talk about how incredibly fake and Photoshopped this image is? The crotch area just looks wrong and that thigh gap looks like it was sliced out in Photoshop. And let’s not forget her impossibly smooth and flawless skin.

I also wonder how old the model is… she’s probably 17 and never had cellulite to begin with.

Ads like this are full of false promises. Buying this crap will only reduce your savings, not your cellulite.

I know that fashion designers are creative people, but this is just bizarre.

Your skin is “undernourished” so quick - feed it this fancy moisturizer and you just might be able to save it.

Suddenly I’m seeing a lot of anti-aging hair products. How can you prevent hair from “aging” when it’s actually made of dead protein? It doesn’t get much older than dead.

Sick of seeing this same old thang. Can’t wait until media and advertising catch up with the times: Conformity is boring but diversity is interesting.

The Spring 2014 campaign for American Eagle’s lingerie store (Aerie) is featuring models with no Photoshop treatment. HOORAY! THANK YOU AERIE!!!

These gals are totally beautiful and I am stoked to see this.

What the fuck does “a more natural looking you” mean? How can you look more natural than you are? If anything, wearing absolutely no makeup, clothing or styling products would be the most natural you. Injecting your face with Restylane? Not so natural.

I was pleasantly surprised to see this ad by Diesel, because lots of their ads are over-sexualized, violent or insulting. (See my examples here and here). 
It’s super refreshing to see a woman who is not your typical model featured in a fashion magazine! And why not? She is totally cool, fashionable and beautiful. I hope to see more of this from Diesel and other companies.

Not a fan of the “blank stare” look that is used in so many advertisements and fashion photography. Models look so much better when they’re expressive.